Guest City Copenhagen

The City of Copenhagen is guest city at Beijing Design Week 2018 and moves to Beijing’s creative and vibrant 751 D-Park and 798 Art District for ten days from the end of September 2018. Everyone is invited to experience the best of our city and our country. The lifestyle, the culture, the sustainable urban developments.

Living is Giving builds on shared experiences

Copenhagen’s guest city participation is about sharing knowledge between China and Denmark. Despite differences in geography and size, Beijing and Copenhagen share some of the same challenges that are common to cities. We are eager to learn from Beijing and we want to share our experiences on how we and Danish companies continuously do our best to give the inhabitants of Copenhagen a more sustainable everyday life. We want to use this unique opportunity to strengthen the ties and make new partnerships and friendships between Beijing and Copenhagen.

We look forward to sharing our guest city theme Living is Giving with everyone in Beijing!