Life in Danish downtown

The main exhibition is the heart of Copenhagen’s guest city programme and is focused on liveability and sustainability which encompasses a broad range of companies, partners and stakeholders. Visitors are invited into the gas tank in 751-Park where they will experience the Danish downtown – a city centre with streets, houses, squares and parks.


In the Danish downtown, visitors can meet eight Copenhageners who through their work or position in our society represent a certain mindset. The Copenhageners appear on screens or through text and pictures and let visitors explore the mindset through different workshops and cases in the Danish downtown. In the Danish downtown you can also find Danish companies, which invite visitors into their homes where they display their products and solutions. Naturally, visitors can buy products directly from some of the companies’ houses, so they can bring a piece of Copenhagen and Denmark home. Furthermore, some of the houses are inhabited by organisations that will showcase various cases from Copenhagen and Denmark. Wonderful Copenhagen will for instance host activities about Danish lifestyle and “hygge” and students from Copenhagen School of Design and Technology will exhibit the “Dome Concept” with a hemispheric screen, where visitors can have an immersive experience of the culture, nature and daily life in Denmark.